Collecting Results

You are not expected to contact the surgery for the results of your blood test. Should there be a problem with your blood test results, or they are found to be irregular or out of range, the practice will contact you.
If you do not hear anything from the practice regarding your results within 4 weeks of the date of your test, your results would have been within normal range / would not require any further action.

Please note, if urgent action is required you will be contacted sooner.

If you wish to know your results, we would encourage you to register online where all your blood results are available to view. Or alternatively, call Reception after the 4 week period.

Results can be obtained by calling reception on 01529 303301 weekdays after 3pm and selecting Option 3.

Tests arranged by hospital specialists will be returned to the specialists who requested them (they are not usually copied to us at the surgery as a matter of course). You should ring the consultant’s secretary who will get the results sent to you.

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