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Our Services

Your Experiences 

"For the dispensary team! Am not a patient but was collecting a prescription today for a neighbour who is self isolating...First I would like to say you are all doing a great job, I mean a fantastic job...Keep up the great work!"

Your Prescriptions

Repeat Prescriptions

These can be obtained by ordering 3 working days in advance. Your request can be dealt with in a variety of ways:


Register for SystmOnline and order online, you can access this via both the ‘Prescriptions’ button at the top of this page (Desktop) and via the button below. If you are new to SystmOnline, please ask our practice staff for details.

Repeat Slip

If you would prefer to re-order your prescription via your paper repeat slips, you can get them to us via;

  • Post to the surgery address

  • Popping into the practice and leaving your slip in our external post box

  • Leaving your slip at Anwick, Leasingham or Silk Willoughby Post Office, Europe Car Service, Cranwell Village Shop, or The Willows Country Store – regular collection and delivery service Monday – Friday.


Order by telephone on 01529 303301 (Option 2, then option 1) between 10am and 12pm Monday - Friday.

Non-Repeat Prescriptions

There are several reasons why your medication may not currently be on a repeat. These include:

  • Your doctor wants to review your use of this medication on a month to month basis

  • It is an item which is not suitable for repeat prescribing (such as controlled drugs or short term use medications)

  • Your medication may need changing i.e. dosing or alternatives that better suit


Even when a consultant recommends for you to be on a particular medication from secondary care (e.g. hospitals), the responsibility for prescribing is ultimately with your GP.


You can order these medications via the same channels as a repeat prescription, with the submission of a written request in place of a repeat slip. Please allow an additional 2 working days for this process to be carried out. 

Collecting Your Medication

Dispensing Patients

We dispense medicines (allowing you to pick them up from the dispensing window) for practice patients who live over 1 mile from a Pharmacy or collection point.

Prescriptions issued during surgery appointments are dispensed immediately although patients may have to wait a short while for this to be done.


Repeat medications require 2 working days from request to collection due to the checks we are required to carry out. Providing you note your consent to SMS messaging, our dispensary team will send you a text when the medication is ready for collection. 

Non-Dispensing Patients

If you live within 1 mile from a Pharmacy or collection point we ask that you select a designated place for you to collect your medication from.

The dispensary team will process your order requests within 3 working days, sending the details over to your chosen site. Please check with your chosen location their timescales of processing your medication and bear this in mind when ordering

Prescription Delivery

We provide a medication delivery service to selected shops/Post Offices in outlying villages without a pharmacy and through Europe Car Service at Greylees. These villages include: Cranwell, Leasingham, Silk Willoughby, Greylees, and Anwick.

For more information on setting up prescription deliveries, please speak to a member of our dispensary team.

Urgent Medication

Urgent medication can be obtained from the practice during normal opening hours, which is 08:30 until 18:30 Monday to Friday.

Please allow a process time of 24 hours for these requests. 

During the out-of-hours period; Boots, Gohil’s, Riverside or Tesco chemist would be able to assist you. Boots, Riverside and Tesco are open Saturday and Sunday, Gohil’s are open until midday on Saturday.

Our Services

Your Experiences 

"Thanks to all of you at SMG and the whole of the NHS for your courage and dedication in these crazy times, we do appreciate you and want you to know that."

Medication Monitoring

Medication Reviews

Patients on repeat medication will be asked to see a Doctor at least once a year to review these regular medications. Please ensure that you book any appropriate appointments when requested to avoid unnecessary delays to further prescriptions.

Please note: Sleaford Medical Group adheres to stringent safety measures regarding medications as per NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) guidelines, some medications require blood tests or blood pressure monitoring. Failure to respond to invitation for these blood tests will result in medications being stopped.

Medication Wastage

When receiving regular medication, it can be easy to order medication that you no longer need. To combat medication wastage, please bear in mind the below principles;

Discuss – with your pharmacist if you have stopped taking any medication

Check – what medicines you currently have at home

Think – before ticking the boxes on your repeat prescription

Looking for Something Else?

We value your care and want you to have the best medical experience, and therefore provide you with the answers to your questions. However, before you contact the Practice, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page to see if your question has already been answered.

A Message From

The Dispensary Manager

The Dispensary provides patients with their medications in a safe, accurate and timely manner. The team is made up of level 2 and 3 Dispensers, some of whom have trained with the Practice from an Apprentice Level. Our department deals with all requests and queries that involve medication and can be reached via phone or askmyGP. We look forward to assisting you. 

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