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Your Experiences 

"My dad had an appointment at the surgery on Wednesday after suffering with the flu. He is not a fan of the doctors but felt he had to attend and he states he had nothing but a positive and pleasant experience. The doctor he saw was straight to the point, quick and thorough with his assessment. Super."

Other Appointment Types

Health Checks

We offer a variety of health checks.


NHS Health Checks is a local service offered for those aged 40years and over who meet the specification. You would be recalled for this where eligible.


Health checks are also available upon request for the following; those aged over 75 years, carers and newly registered patients. Please contact Reception to arrange these.

Child Health Checks, are organised by our health visitor. They will be able to give more details at the appropriate time.

This service is available to Sleaford Medical Group registered patients. 

Care/Nursing Homes

Each of the Care/Nursing homes in the local area has a designated registered practice. If you or your loved one is looking to reside in one of the local Care Homes, with a plan to reside there for longer than 4 weeks, you will be asked to re-register to the home’s designated practice.


The designated practice for the home is responsible for the provision of care to the residents, for our practice, this includes a weekly ward round and the support of our Practice Care Coordination team.


As is usual practice, requests for visits are often made by the Care Home staff on behalf of the patients. If the designated practice would be of impact on your decision to reside in the home, and in the interests of clarity, please see below the details of the Care Homes for which Sleaford Medical Group are the designated practice;

·         Ashdene Care Home

·         Glenholme Holdingham Grange

·         Oakdene Care Home


If you are registered with the practice, and are planning to reside at a local care home for less than 4 weeks, the practice will consider requests received for home visits providing the address remains within our locality catchment area.

Family Planning & Pregnancy

Appointments can be made to see any Doctor for family planning advice during normal surgery times. We provide a range of family planning options including the contraceptive pill, coils and implants.

The GPs work with the Midwives to look after women before and after the birth.  

This service is available to Sleaford Medical Group registered patients. 

Minor Surgery

Some Minor Surgery procedures are available at the practice. The surgery will contact you to arrange an appointment following your initial consultation.

This service is available to Sleaford Medical Group registered patients. 

Non-NHS Work

Private Requests

Some medical services provided are not covered under our contract with the NHS and therefore attract charges. Examples include the following:

  • Medicals for pre-employment, sports and driving requirements (HGV, PSV etc)

  • Insurance claim form

  • Prescriptions for taking medication abroad

  • Private sick notes

  • Vaccination certificates

To request these you will need to submit your request to the practice via the over the counter request form, which you can find in our medical forms section. 

Travel Assessments

We offer a travel advice and immunisation service.

If you are travelling abroad please complete and submit the travel form in plenty of time (we recommend at least 8 weeks) before your journey.

You may need more than one appointment, so the earlier you contact us the easier it will be to accommodate additional appointments. Some vaccinations take time to work and having them too close together may not give you the full protection.

You can download the form from our Medical Forms section or from our Reception front desk. It is your responsibility to make an appointment when you hand in your travel form.

The practice is also a registered yellow fever centre, this particular service is open to patients that are not registered with the practice, but will incur a fee. 

Useful Links:

Travel Health

Fit for Travel


Our Services

Your Experiences 

"Brilliant. I had a blood test this morning and everyone was excellent. I think SMG is a brilliant surgery. Thank you."

Planning Ahead, End of Life Care & Bereavement

You may be looking to plan ahead for the future, be in a situation where you or someone you care for is nearing the end of their life, or may have suffered a recent bereavement. As a practice we are here to help.


Please follow the link below to go to our End of Life and Bereavement page, in which we aim to provide clarity on the options available such as Lasting Power of Attorney and Organ Donation.


Alongside this, we point towards local and national organisations who provide vital services. You may also find our ‘Wellbeing Centre’ of benefit, which is at the bottom of this page.

Our Services

Your Experiences 

"Amazing doctor, have never felt so much at ease with a GP. Was able to talk to him and get things off my chest. Felt like a weight was lifted when I came out."

Wellbeing Centre

Please use this centre as a directory of organisations, both local and national, who we direct our patients to. They are sorted A-Z for ease of reference, you can also use the magnifying glass symbol to search the section.

Looking for Something Else?

We value your care and want you to have the best medical experience, and therefore provide you with the answers to your questions. However, before you contact the Practice, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page to see if your question has already been answered.

Our Services

How to Use This Page

Here you will find information about the different services that we provide at the Practice. This includes other appointment types that are available for our patients, a link to our end of life care & bereavement page and some details regarding our private work. 

The Wellbeing Centre can be used as a directory that will link you to external services. These are sorted via their subject e.g Carers, Dementia and Addiction.