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AskMyGP Changes

Hello everyone


After extensive preparation we are now ready to launch the changes to our AskMyGP service from 23 January 2024.

Where possible, we will be encouraging all requests for appointments to be made through AskMyGP, although we do appreciate that this may not always be possible.


Here is a summary of the main changes –

The system will open at 6am and close at 4pm, every day, Monday to Friday

·         You will be asked to decide if your request is ACUTE – this means you feel you need to be seen or speak to a clinician within 24hrs – or ROUTINE.  Routine means you are happy to wait 1 to 3 working days for a response

·         Your request will be assigned to a clinician, who will assess whether to reply by message eg for more information, by phone call or by asking you to come in and see us

·         The ACUTE requests will be actioned same day (unless your request is received after 2pm, in which case we will message you to see if you need to be seen today or first thing in the morning)

·         We will keep you updated about ROUTINE requests and will let you know when you have been assigned to a clinician.  At this point you can expect contact within 4 hours

·         You will be able to request which clinician your request is given to – you just need to bear in mind that we may not be able to accommodate it, either due to capacity or holidays.  If we can’t get you in with your preferred clinician, we will message you with your options

·         If you don’t have AskMyGP, we can register you really easily – just ask – or click this link -

·         This is a total triage model, which means our reception team will be asking more questions about your condition – this is so that the clinician can gauge the best way to contact you and treat you. 

·         If you are not comfortable sharing these details over the phone, I would really encourage you to register for AskMyGP


I can’t tell you how excited I am that we are now 13 working days away from making these changes.  This is something we have needed to do for a long time and I have no doubt we will all benefit from the changes.  As ever, please keep feeding back what is working, what may have been overlooked, and anything that is not working for you.


Thank you




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