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Cranwell Prescription Collection Service

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are unfortunately no longer able to provide the medication delivery service to Cranwell Convenience Store.   Our contract will cease with them on Friday 7 June 24.

This has not been through our choosing, as we know how popular the service is and how much you rely on it.   The news has also come quite suddenly, and we are looking into other options for you and will potentially be able to offer a home delivery service or use an alternative location.


What Happens Next

On Monday 10 June we will collect all remaining medication from the Cranwell store and arrange to deliver it to you.

Whilst we investigate other options, we will deliver any medication you request to your home address.  


Please let us know if -

·         You would like us to deliver to Leasingham post office for you

·         You would prefer to come and collect your medications from our dispensary


There is no need to worry and we will let you know once we have new arrangements available.


Thank you for your understanding while we try and get this situation resolved for you.

The Dispensary Team


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