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Easter Bank Holidays 2020

To support our colleagues working in hospital care, Sleaford Medical Group will remain open on Good Friday and Easter Monday.

This is in line with all practices across the country to provide healthcare services to patients in the community to alleviate pressure on the hospitals.

When contacting the practice, please contact us via ‘askmyGP’ in order for your request to be managed. If you are unable to utilise ‘askmyGP’, please contact our Reception team who will be on hand and happy to help on the telephone.

Our dispensary window is open 9.00-17.00, so please do not worry. There will be NO need to order your medication early to cover this time.

The Urgent Care Unit will be run as an evening service between 18.30-20.00. Should you need medical attention during the day therefore, please contact your own practice, as they will also be open.

At this time it may be difficult to ensure you keep your social distancing over the Easter period, however we do ask that you keep it at the forefront of your mind. Remember that by staying home and only performing essential travel you are avoiding the spread of the virus and saving lives.

We thank you as our patients, for your adherence to national guidance at this time. It is important that we remain resolute and remember that apart, we stand together.


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