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Scam text messages - PCR tests

It has been brought to our attention that our patients may have received a text message recently appearing to be from the practice, notifying them of a close contact with the Omicron variant and prompting the ordering of a PCR test kit via a link.

These are scam text messages and should be deleted. Under no circumstances should the link be followed.

We understand this is a concern, particularly as the messages are appearing to be sent from the practice and want to assure our patients that we are taking action from this to report the matter and secure the network.

To protect yourselves and your loved ones from this scam, please be aware that the Practice are not sending messages to patients in relation to PCR testing or ordering of kits.

Unfortunately it would seem that the attempts to send fraudulent messages in relation to coronavirus seemingly from GP Practices has not yet subsided. Please remain vigilant therefore to avoid being caught out.


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