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Coronavirus – Local Support

Please can we take this opportunity to thank everyone who responded to our earlier post (both on our website and Facebook page) about support services in the local area in reaction to the COVID-19 situation.

We have been advised that all people who are vulnerable, who are currently self-isolating or unable to get emergency supplies, or just need some local information, please now refer to the following website or telephone number to request help or to register as a helper.

We would urge you to use this website as a safer route, as we have been advised that Lincolnshire County Council are regulating this and have put in appropriate checks as needed. or alternatively contact number 01522 782189

For those requesting or offering help, please click on the Community help and volunteering link and follow the instructions.

If you have any health concern, we remain contactable, but request you use the ‘askmyGP’ system, the link to which can be found on the home page of our website.


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