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Face Mask Update

As the Covid-19 infection landscape continues to evolve, so does the guidance and advice regarding the use of PPE, including face masks. We will continue to request that if you have a suspected or confirmed Covid-19 infection, or you have a cough or other respiratory symptoms, you continue to wear a face mask at the surgery. This will help us to protect those most vulnerable and to continue to reduce the transmission. If you don't have access to one, then please ask a member of the team on arrival.

If it's your personal preference to use a facemask, then please do so. Our staff are no longer required to wear a mask in non-clinical areas of the practice, but the clinicians will continue to do so in some appointments.

We will review this on an on-going basis so if the situation changes and rates begin to increase again, we may revert back to facemasks for all, but we'll update you all, if and when that happens.

Thanks for all your support.


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