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Covid Vaccination Invitations

We have just sent out text invitations for the next group of people eligible for the Covid vaccinations, with a link allowing you to book in. If you have received an invite in the last couple of days, please respond as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

We are aware that there has been a trend of false invitation texts, so wanted to clarify what a text from us would look like. Our texts contain a link which, when selected, would take you to a site called ‘accuRx.’ which has a green banner across the top. Following your booking of the appointment, you will then get a confirmation text.

The vaccination is free, therefore if you are asked for any payment details this is not a real invitation and should be deleted.

We will of course continue to contact and book in appointments for those patients that would not have received a text due to not having a mobile number on their record.


We are currently and will continue to use texts as a quick and easy way of communication with our patients, including invitations for covid vaccinations.


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