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Everything You Need To Know About Online Access to GP Records

From 1st November 2023, all patients are entitled to have online access to their prospective records. Let’s take a look at what this means.

Every patient?

Approximately 42% of our patients already have online access. Everybody else is entitled to it, with the exception of people who fall into certain vulnerable groups. These groups are identified as –

· patients where there is a safe guarding risk

· patients whose record contains information which could be triggering eg past abuse, and it is considered detrimental to the patient’s recovery to provide access to this information

· patients where there is the possibility of coercion

· patients who may not understand the information due to limited mental capacity, a learning impairment or are diagnosed with certain condition eg autism, dyslexia etc

These changes will only apply to people aged 16 years and over. As a practice, we send a letter to our young people when they are coming up to their 16th birthday about their access to records choices, this will now include details of online access.

How do I obtain online access?

If you already have online access, the changes from 1st November will not affect you.

If you want to start viewing your records, prospective access will be available automatically for most patients from November. This can be accessed via the NHS App.

The changes do not affect proxy access.

What do you mean by “prospective”?

Prospective means from the 1st November onwards – you will not be able to see previous information unless you submit a special request.

What if I don’t want online access?

That’s fine, you don’t have to. The new rules just mean the practice have to enable your access, should you want it.

I’ve always had access at my previous practice, will that transfer now I’m registering with you?

No, not automatically. When you register with us, we will ask you what level of access you want going forward. If you wish to retain full access, we will need to review your full GP record before enabling your access. We anticipate this will take us approximately 30 days.

If you want to keep ‘prospective’ level access, you will be able to access all information recorded from when you registered with us.

What’s the difference between “prospective” access and “full” access?

Prospective means everything from 1st November 2023 onwards. Full access means everything in your entire medical record. Very few patients want access to their entire record.

Will I be able to see everything?

You will be able to see consultation notes, test results, and letters between the surgery and other clinical services from the 1st November 2023 onwards.

So I’ll be able to see my blood tests results?

Yes you will. You will no longer need to call the surgery to find out your results.

But what if my tests show something worrying?

If your tests suggest a new condition or a worsening condition, they won’t appear on your records until we have had the chance to speak with you directly. We will ask you to come in and see us (or by phone if you prefer) so that we can discuss the results with you, just as we do now. Once the consultation has occurred, you will be able to see the results on your record.

What are the benefits of having online access?

As above, you’ll be able to see when your blood test results are back. You will also be able to see when your referral to secondary care or another NHS service has been actioned.

For many patients, being able to see their notes help them remember what was said in a consultation and whether any advice was given. It can also help you, as a patient, feel more involved in your care.

What else can I do on the NHS app?

You can keep track of your appointments, book flu and covid vaccinations and order repeat prescriptions. It will also link you to 111 advice.

Something to be aware of –

The NHS app will show you having an appointment even if you are on a list for a telephone call. Any appointment time shown for these is just a placeholder and may not be the exact time you will be called.

If we wish to see you face to face, we will always send you a text message to confirm the appointment has been booked.

If you have any queries, just pop in or give our reception team a call on 01529 303301.


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