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HRT Medication

Please be aware that, due to patient safety, the practice policy is to prescribe Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) medication on a 3 monthly basis. This medication also requires an annual review, with basic observations recorded (your blood pressure and calculation of BMI score).


When you first start your HRT medication, you will need this review after the first 3 months, then annually thereafter.


HRT medication is therefore not an item that will be added to your repeat medications, in line with our practice policy. To order your medications of this type, you will need to request them in addition to your repeat medications, by adding a note into the ‘custom text’ box on SystmOnline, by handwriting onto your repeats slip, or by telephoning us on 01529 303301 (Option 2, then option 1) between 10am and 12pm Monday - Friday.

You can use the same options if HRT is your only item prescribed, by adding a note in the ‘custom text’ box on SystmOnline, calling our dispensary team as above or submitting a slip with your details (name, DOB, Address) and the HRT medication details on.


If HRT medication is the only medication you are prescribed, you may save some money with a HRT prescription prepayment certificate, for more info select the below link:



We thank you for your understanding on this matter.


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