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New Telephony System – 19th December 2023

In just 2 weeks our new telephony system will be installed. We know the current set-up causes plenty of frustrations, so I thought I would summarise a few of the new features which should create a better experience for you –

An Endless Queue – the queue will no longer cut off at 15 callers holding. You will be able to hold even if you are number 66 in the queue (although, let’s hope not)

Placemarkers – you are all busy people and you no longer have to hold in a long queue. You will be able to reserve your place, hang up, and then receive a callback at the moment at which your call would have been answered if you were still holding. Hopefully this will minimise frustration, and of course your need to endure our hold music.

More control at SMG – we will have more system flexibility, and if the queue is high, we will be able to direct calls to more people at the touch of a button to get your call answered quickly

New messaging – I am reviewing all the endless messages whilst you are queuing to reduce them. I agree they are unnecessary and I will be cutting them to the minimum

Press 1 for … - we currently have 4 options when you call and I will be reducing this to 2. Everything reception related is 1, and anything for the dispensary is 2.

Dispensary – just a reminder, their phone line is open 10 til 12 and 2 til 4. Reception CANNOT answer your queries when the dispensary line is closed as they do not have access to that part of the system. There is an AskMyGP option for dispensary queries which is available 24/7, which we would encourage you to use

There are a host of other features to make things easier for us in the practice.

If you haven’t already, please give your feedback on our current telephony here - . It’s really important to have a measure of your satisfaction so that when we change over we have something to benchmark against.

And as ever, if you have any suggestions or ideas, get involved and comment below :)

Thank you


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