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SMS appointment invitations

We have started using texts to send links to our patients, allowing them to follow the link and book in. At this point we have used this for smear appointments, long term condition (LTC) reviews and some blood appointments.

If you are due any of these routine appointments, you may have received one of these texts over the last few weeks.

Thank you to those of you that have already been booking in via these texts, we hope you will agree that this is a fast and efficient alternative to the past systems in place. This is also helping us by easing the pressures on the phone lines and the askmyGP system.

For those of you that may have received the text, but was unsure whether to follow the link for fear this was a scam, thank you for highlighting this concern to us. Please see below an example of one of our invitation texts. We have also included a screenshot of the site that you are led to, if no appointments are available please select the date drop down to view available appointments further in the future.

This is a new process for us, so we appreciate your ongoing feedback so we can work together to resolve any issues. Going forward we are reviewing other appointment types that this would benefit.

If you would like to be invited via this booking process, please ensure that we have your up to date mobile number details and that you have consented to SMS messaging.

Thank you.


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