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AskMyGP - Update Following Patient Feedback Group

Following last night’s AskMyGP Feedback Group we have made some changes this morning to how the service works, based directly on your feedback. This underlines how important it is to keep open lines of communication.

Thank you to Kirsten, Claire, Sarah, Lynette, Nigel and Rob – I learnt a lot from you. Thank you for being constructive and helping me to identify what we need to change first.

BIGGEST ISSUE – We never know when it’s open / closed

With immediate effect, each morning there will be a message on AskMyGP updating you on whether the service is open or not and WHY. The message will include the date, so that you know the message is recent and that we are reviewing capacity regularly.

There was also frustration that you didn't know WHY the service was open or closed, and this will be a key part of our messaging every day to help you understand what to expect from us.

We will then aim to update again in the afternoon, with the plans for the service the following day.


In reviewing the settings this morning, it is clear we have been accidentally switching the WHOLE service off, rather than just the ability to make a medical request. This has been amended today, so even if we are unable to offer clinical appointments via AskMyGP, you will still be able to do other things such as extending a sick note, ordering repeat medication and advising us of a change of details.


We are moving towards a model where our AskMyGP is switched on 24/7 – once we’re there, it will be easy to use, but the transition period will be tricky and we will need to plan well.

Currently we review capacity each day to determine whether AMGP can be open, and for how long. What I am going to do going forward is to try and ringfence one of our clinicians each day / as many days as I can, so that each day we have a number of slots available via AMGP. However, once they’re full, the appointment booking element of the service will need to be switched off.

We will start this tomorrow, and each time we do it, there will be a message the day before on AskMyGP so that you are aware and can plan accordingly.

The key to making this work is to increase our capacity and we are working hard on this. We are currently recruiting for a GP, a paramedic and an advanced nurse practitioner. We have also been using locums extensively so that we can offer more appointments.

We WILL get there, and I will keep you updated as we move through the next few weeks.

Thank you


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